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Recycled Glass Necklace - Vintage Orb

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  • Bottled Up Designs, handmade from broken antique glass and bottles are taken from the wooded habitats and farmlands in the Pennsylvania Amish Country!
  • This beautiful handmade necklace features a 1/2" glass orb that is filled with the sparkling multi glass crystals from crushed and fired broken vintage mason jars, Noxzema jars, and ruby and green beer bottles. Capped with a Victorian lace solid sterling silver cap and hangs from an 18" sterling chain, this necklace will be the most unique piece of jewelry you own!
  • Each piece of Bottled Up Designs includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing this history and age of the glass used. A unique way to preserve the past, while helping the environment and wildlife.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Multi Glass pendant

Very pretty vintage pendant with several vintage bottles and jars represented inside inside!

scott a sowers
Amazing recycled glass necklace

This seller is taking old and discarded botttles and making amazing jewelry out of them. I gave the necklace to a friend and she was super excited and happy!!

Really cool necklace

This is a really cool idea. The glass orb filled with multi colored glass was just as pictured. Just the right size. It did come with a chain that looks like it could easily break though.

Holly Ridgley
Vintage bottle glass necklace

I don't often wear jewelry. But I fell in love with this necklace and earrings that I received. It was such a wonderful and brilliant in clever idea to use the bottles that was left in the woods. To make the jury . I even appreciate the details and care was taken to when you packaged it and send it to me. You don't get that kind of detail when you buy from anywhere else. Thank you for that detail I will definitely buy again

Lyn (LynPgz@aol.com)
Compliments every time I wear it

Fabulous!Bought matching earrings.High quality, even prettier in person.

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